Is the food better Around Tacoma?

Technically, Federal Way IS Around Tacoma. Sitting side by side with that North East part of Tacoma qualifies it as “Around”, right? Good! I had dinner at Verrazano’s the other night and not telling you about it is completely out of the question! My companion said “call Verrazano’s and see if they have room” and I, being dutiful and obedient (HA!!) called and was greeted and reserved and happy in less than 2 minutes….on a Friday!

We drove to the restaurant in the dark and since I’ve never been there before I have no idea really where I went. But it’s high above the coast on Pacific Highway and I bet if you go there when it’s not dark (which would NOT include November-March) you can have dinner with a very nice view. It even says so on their web site.

On to the good part…. the food! It all started with Mushroom Crustini. This was not at all the dish I ordered but my butchery of the menu meant we did not get the Bruschetta Della Casa, which I’d still like to try. In any case, the accidental Mushroom Crustini was divine, delightful, pure bliss. You think I am over the top on this but, no way baby! Mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, balsamic and béchamel on perfect little toasted crustini! I’ve never been so happy to discover I was wrong in my entire life! Well, there was this date once but that is for a different blog.

The entrées, while exactly what we ordered, were just as spectacular! I had Pollo Judea, which I roughly translate to “chicken of the gods”.  Chicken that was tender, moist and covered in this buttery, lemon, artichoke goo that was beyond reason in quality and taste. My date ordered from the specials board and had pork tenderloins coated in béchamel (can you really have too much?) and gorgonzola. People, that sauce was enchanting, the kind of thing you ask to marry you on the spot! Had I been in my own dining room I would have quickly eaten BOTH plates!

Combine all of that heavenly food with a tasty bottle of red and fantastic service and you’ve got a dinner that is worth driving outside of the Around Tacoma we know and so love.

The Linnie Sapphire

One thought on “Is the food better Around Tacoma?

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