The Three C’s of a Craftsman

If there’s one distinguishing architectural style sprinkled all around Tacoma, it is the Craftsman. This type of home became popular between 1901 and 1930 and has a unique structure which tends to accentuate the living area.  Many are known for their fabulous woodwork and exposed beams and tapered square columns.  To find one that has not been modified or remodeled is rare, but when it comes around, it truly is a thing of beauty. 

This beauty can only be described in what I like to call the Three C’s of a Craftsman:  Cozy, charming and cute.

Craftsman homes are a popular and attractive choice for buyers because they are cozy with a big “O.” They tend to be smaller with most of the living space on the bottom floor.  There are often little hidden nooks with a lot of inconspicuous storage spaces accentuated with authentic leaded stained glass windows.  These little nooks make great sitting areas with an accompanying reading bench—or if you want a place to hide from the parental units.

The second C for charming, starts with curb appeal.  Craftsman homes simply ooze a certain pleasantness from the street.  The front porch is comfortably wide–perfect for a few Adirondack chairs, a small table and a great bottle of wine. Other distinguishing features include deep overhanging eaves, exposed rafters and hand-crafted stone and woodwork.

Charm continues on the inside with either soft or hardwood floors, decorative staircases and a kitchen that includes a delightful breakfast nook.  Back in the day, there was not a lot of room for the family to gather, so breakfast nooks became popular as they were a great use of the corner space and well-lit as most are under the bright light of double hung windows.

The final C is for cute.  After all these years in the real estate biz, I have to say that if we were playing Family Feud and had to pick the right answer with the question: “What one word describes a Craftsman home?”  Nine out of 10 Realtors surveyed would say… CUTE.  There’s really not much more to say… really.

Well, one more thing.  The Sapphire Real Estate Team can bring the three C’s to you.  We’re just one phone call away!

The Sapphire DIVA – Karen

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