Savvy About Split Level Homes?!

Split-level homes seem to be underappreciated but I am going on record to say that the split level of the past is just that…the past. Splits used to be about convenience; when you entered the house, there was either an upstairs or a downstairs. They were tight in the entry and exposed a not-so-nice feng shui. 

Who likes to come home after a hard day’s work, open the door, face an opposing wall, squeeze in with the groceries and then remember the kitchen is upstairs because you took the wrong stairway? Nobody.  Well, I’m here to tell you the split is back and, like the old Virginia Slims cigarette ads, “It’s come a long way, baby.” 

There are more than enough split level homes around Tacoma and many have been tastefully remodeled for today’s conveniences.  Take for instance our listing at 1712 S. 52nd Street.  This beauty has been completely remodeled and features an open entryway leading up to a generously sized living and dining area.  And check this out:  there are NO walls creating a cramped corn maze between the kitchen and dining area!

The kitchen and baths have been gorgeously remodeled with tile and granite and are accentuated with brushed nickel accessories.  There is new carpet throughout and an over-sized laundry room.  There are four nicely sized bedrooms and an enormous yard for kids to play, dogs to run or lots of backyard BBQ’s.  The house lives larger than its 1464 sq. ft. and it’s anxiously awaiting its new owners.

Oh, by the way, this home is what we in the real estate world call “turn-key.” You turn the key in the door and you move in.  It’s really that simple. 

So there it is; a brief on the split-level.  Don’t let it fool you; this style of home is making a comeback and of course I would love to talk more about this home but hey, I’ve gotta split. 

The Sapphire Diva, Karen

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